Conversations on Christianity

How do you talk to someone about Christ?  That is a difficult question to answer because I guess it depends on the situation.  I wish it were easy for me to talk to people about Jesus.  Call it fear of rejection or whatever I get nervous when I talk about Jesus.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love Jesus any less than the next person.  I just get nervous.  Frankly I get nervous because of so many people who have conversations about Jesus in such a untactful way.  Paul told us that our speech should be “seasoned with salt” (Col. 4:6) but it is evident some people season their speech with vinegar or hydrochloric acid.  Let me share a conversation I heard this morning.

A gentleman was talking with a girl and she shared that she was Jewish.  The man responded by saying, “I can’t believe anyone could not believe in Jesus.”  That’s easy for him to say because he’s never believed otherwise.  Then he proceeded to tell her about the eternal damnation for people who do not believe in Jesus.  She responded, “I believe what my mother believes and if she goes to hell then I will to.”  He responded by saying that she is going to have to see Jesus on the judgment day and answer for the things in this life.  She said that she has a right to her belief and he responded, “Have you ever read the Bible?”  His tone was very sarcastic.  The conversation ended and I ached.

Moments before he stepped into the conversation I simply invited her to hear me speak this Sunday evening at our services.  She had shared her beliefs with me but I had not responded to them in negative light as I did not have a relationship with her yet.  No I spend the better part of the morning cleaning up after the mess this person left.  I agreed with some of the things he said it just sounded so harsh.  It sounded like a Jesus I did not believe in.

So how do you have conversations about Christianity in a way that is productive and fruitful instead of judgmental and negative?

Are we required to offer “the plan of salvation” the first time we meet folks?

What should we do?

About Robbie Mackenzie

I am a student minister to a group of kids of about 25-30. I am passionate about what I do and love teaching the next generation about Jesus Christ! I am married with 4 kids and I absolutely love Jesus.

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  1. Very sad that there are many in the brotherhood or that claim to be “Christians” in general. They have such a negative effect on how the world perceives Christians and Christianity. Jesus too was harsh at times, but when speaking to those who were genuinely sincere in their false beliefs He was, more often than not, gentle. I appreciate your thoughts as I too struggle with talking to others about Christ.

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