Bearing Fruit is About Being Faithful

One of the most difficult jobs of being a minister is understanding that sometimes they do not see tangible results of their labor until years down the road. This is extremely frustrating because most in leadership are obsessed with numbers. How many visitors did you have at this activity? How many did we have at […]

Lessons Learned(ing) in a Job Transition

As most of you know I am in a transition of looking for a job and while I think things are extremely close I still have not landed one yet. This process started in the beginning of June and through many interviews, phone calls, meetings, emails and discussions I have learned just a few lessons […]

This Sunday Morning “Be” Instead of “Do”

I remember having a conversation with a person and I asked them if they went to church and their response was interesting: “Of course I go to church, I’m an American!” Say what you want about the comment but what fascinated me was that his verbiage seemed to assume America and church are mutually exclusive. […]


“How did it get so late so soon?” Dr. Seuss 3,652. That is how many days I have worked at the Main Street Church of Christ from July 31, 2004 until August 1, 2014. For you nerds out there (present company included) here are the statistics: 315,532,800 seconds 5,258,880 minutes 87,648 hours 3652 days 521 […]