Lent is over… now what?

I texted a friend of mine these words this morning: I wonder what Monday after the resurrection was like for the first believers. I sent that because I thought about the last forty days and the up and down journey I have gone through (my wife as well) with Lent and how I was looking […]

Living with Abandon

Living with Abandon. A song that came to my mind comes from the Christian Group Newsboys and is entitled, “Live with Abandon.” Here are some of its lyrics… I wanna live with abandon Give You all that I am Every part of my heart Jesus I place in Your hands I wanna live with abandon […]

Failure is the Best Teacher

Failure is one of the best teachers out there. Every Tuesday my kids and I volunteer at a local community center helping kids with their homework but also building relationships with them. Every Tuesday they have what is called “specials” in which someone comes and leads them in a special program. People have come and […]